Beauty Day Spa

Having a smooth, unblemished skin is important to most women. Unfortunately, as you age, it seems harder to live up to such standards, so a little help is in order. Little blue lines called spider veins might cover parts of your body, whether from pregnancy, weight gain, standing on your feet often, or just genetics.

If you need some assistance in getting rid of these blue veins, a trip to the beauty day spa can help. However, it is important to get an idea of what treatments are available and what they entail.

Whether you have small blue lines on your face or larger ones on your legs, a beauty day spa can decrease their appearance. One treatment simply involves inserting a liquid substance called a sclerosing agent into the vein so that it collapses and is essentially immersed in the body, which is where it should be.

Directly after the procedure, wearing clothing or a bandage that compresses the treated area is important to have lasting results and decrease the chances of a blood clot.

Another type of treatment likely offered at your local beauty day spa involves a laser. The specialized light is directed onto the vein to destroy the small blood vessels in the area. You will probably need to go back two to four times to get rid of every spider vein, but it is considered a noninvasive procedure, so the healing will be fast.

Expect some redness after the process, and you will be advised to wait for about two to three months between treatments. The laser process often takes less than an hour, so it is fast and convenient.

There are few complications or risks involved with either type of procedure. Temporary discoloration is the main issue that could occur with either one. Should you choose the first method, blood clots are also a possibility if you do not keep a compressing garment on the area after the sclerosing agent is injected. You can also go to a doctor to obtain this type of cure for spider veins, but a beauty day spa is often preferred since it is less daunting.

Considering the fact that both the methods only take a short time, you can make it a day of beautifying treatments, perhaps getting a wax in the areas that are not treated. No matter which method you decide on, make sure you understand the general process and healing time before you make an appointment at your local spa. An informed patient is the best one.